Exclusive 100% Rewards Program at FreeBlinds.com

Hi, I'm Rewards Rob. I'm going to save you a bunch of money! Hi, Rewards Rob here, and my goal is to save you money!

While more details are presented below, I'll give you a brief overview on how it works. First, we offer some of the lowest prices found anywhere. Even if you just purchased your window coverings here without taking advantage of our Rewards Program, you would still come out ahead. But, just by referring a few friends to our site, something a satisfied customer does anyway, you could ultimately get back every single penny you spend on your window coverings.

With no hoops to jump through, the Rewards Program is a simple program allowing us to divert pre-sale advertising dollars paid to search engines, to after sale reward dollars paid to customers. Yes, it's that simple. So whether you just want low cost... or no cost... FreeBlinds.com is your source for quality and value.

Rewards Program Overview

The FreeBlinds.com Rewards Program provides each customer the option to get back up to 100% of the cost of their window coverings. By simply referring others looking for quality window coverings and sharing their personal code number assigned at checkout, they receive 20% of every purchase made using their code. And, they continue to receive 20% of every order placed using their code until 100% of their product cost is rewarded. It's easy and it's real. So, save on your purchase now and begin the process to get money back, all of it, right now!

FAQ's About our 100% Rewards Program

Do I have to join a club?
Absolutely Not! This program is totally optional and costs you nothing. You are not obligated to participate in the Rewards program in any way. But don't worry, if you should decide later that you would like to get money back, our offer is valid for five years from the date of your purchase. Simply contact customer service and we will manually enroll you in the program.

How can you afford to offer this program?
It's simple. Instead of paying upfront for search engine advertising that may never convert to a sale, we pay you the customer to spread the word about FreeBlinds.com.

Why are you the only website that can offer this program?
The owners of FreeBlinds.com first gained patent-pending status on the 100% Rewards Program in 2007 and will be the exclusive merchant for custom window coverings.

How does the Rewards program operate?
After making your purchase you can receive rewards totaling up to 100% of your product purchase by referring friends, family members and associates at a rate of 20% of the referred sale amount. For complete details, please see Reward Terms below.

When are credits posted to my Rewards account?
Every time someone you refer makes a purchase, a credit is issued to your Rewards account. If they spend $ 1,000.00 we calculate 20% of that amount equaling $ 200.00 and post the credit. Then once their order has been received and everyone is satisfied that the order is complete, we send you a check.

When will my Rewards check be sent to me?
Rewards are sent out the month following the satisfactory completion of your referral's order, at the end of the month. For example: One of your referrals makes a qualifying purchase and it's completed in June. Then on the last day of the following month, in this case July, your Reward will be sent out to you. In the event that the last day of the month falls on a holiday or a weekend, the check will be sent on the following business day.

How do I track the status of my Rewards?
Go to My Rewards, then enter your email address and your Rewards code number.

Is there a limit to the amount of Rewards I can earn?
You can earn back up to 100% of your product purchase. You can also place additional orders that qualify and are paid in the same manor. Every order placed with FreeBlinds.com qualifies for the 100% Rewards Program.

Is my code number transferable?
Your code number is unique to you alone. All qualifying amounts are credited to your account only for that order only, and Reward checks will be issued in your name exclusively.

Can I use my referral code on future purchases for myself?
Because the FreeBlinds.com Rewards Program is a customer referral program to Reward customers for advertising FreeBlinds.com to their family, friends and associates, returning customers may not use their own referral code when placing future orders. However, the new purchase does qualify for another referral code so that you may also earn back 100% of that product purchase through the Rewards Progam.

What if I lose my Rewards code number?
Don't worry. Just email Customer Service at [email protected] and we'll be able to give you your number upon identity verification.

Can I save up my Rewards credits for future use?
The Rewards Program is structured to issue credits and checks based on actual orders placed. They cannot be saved up for future purchases.

Will you ever sell my personal information?
NEVER! Your personal information is only used to process your order, and your Rewards should you participate in our program.

Do additional purchases qualify for additional Rewards?
Yes they do! Every dollar spent on products at FreeBlinds.com qualifies for the program. You can earn back up to 100% of every order you place with FreeBlinds.com.

Does this offer have an expiration?
This offer expires 60 months from the date of your order.

Reward Terms & Conditions

FreeBlinds.com will refund purchasers at FreeBlinds.com up to 100% of their product purchase* amount through our exclusive Reward Program.

The Rewards Program operates under the following terms and conditions:

Upon conclusion of their purchase at FreeBlinds.com customers will be redirected to the FreeBlinds.com Rewards Center and assigned a Referral Code Number:

Purchasers opting to participate in the Rewards Program distribute their Referral Code to others to generate Reward amounts;

Reward amounts are generated and applied to a referring customer account every time a purchase is made by one of their referrals up to a total maximum amount equal to 100% of their original product purchase;

Refund amounts are calculated at the rate of 20% of each qualifying product purchases;

Reward credits are applied to customer accounts upon completion of their referred customers order until the 100% maximum is reached;

Credited reward amounts will be dispersed in check form* on the last day of each month following the satisfactory completion# of the referred customer's order. For example a referred customer's order is completed, to their satisfaction, in March; Then on the last day of April, a check will be sent for that credited Reward amount. In the event the last day of the month falls on a weekend or a holiday, the dispersal will take place on the following business day;

Rewards amounts continue to be generated, credited and dispersed through qualifying purchases, until 100% of the original product purchase amount has been refunded to the purchaser or the expiration term limit is reached.

The Rewards Program offer expires 60 months after the date of the original qualifying purchase.

The FreeBlinds.com Rewards Program is a customer referral program to Reward customers of FreeBlinds.com for purchases derived from referrals made to others (family, friends, associates, etc) by the original customer. The stated purpose is to bring new purchasers to FreeBlinds.com. Therefore customers may not use their own referral code for themselves or any member of their household for any subsequent order.

Program credits and refunds are based only on the initial purchase made by customers referred to our website. Therefore, once a Program Member refers a customer to FreeBlinds.com; the customer makes a purchase that generates a Rewards amount; a code number has been assigned to the newly referred customer; a Reward amount has been credited to the referring members account, the newly referred customer may not be used ever again as a referral by any other existing or future member for any future purchase.



All Rewarded refund amounts subject to State and Federal Regulation.

FreeBlinds.com disclaims any responsibility for the failure of referred parties to log in referring parties code when ordering.

*Product purchases amounts are the actual prices paid for products exclusive of any applicable taxes or surcharges. Adjustments made to original product purchase amounts, will correspondingly be reflected in qualifying Reward amount. Reward Credit Amounts are non transferable.

*Satisfactory completion of an order is defined as a customer having received all items comprising their order in satisfactory working condition and all terms of sale have been met.

*Orders placed by individuals with an identical shipping and/or credit card billing address as that of the referring program member shall be determined to be a member of the same household and will not qualify for a reward. Further, both individuals will be subject to disqualification from the program and forfeiture of any and all other pending rewards.